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Garden Contrast

August 21, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Flower Garden


Gardening can be a form of art. It takes careful skill to sculpt your creation into something that is aesthetically pleasing to both you and others around you. Using bulbs to create your garden gives you many options to build something beautiful. One of the best ways of accomplishing this feat is to create contrast within your garden. Having contrast in your garden can direct a viewer’s attention to a certain part or create a unique design that grabs the attention of onlookers.


Using height to create contrast is an excellent choice for your garden. Whether you plant taller plants in the back of your garden for a beautiful backdrop or choose to have a pattern of varying heights, there are many options available to you.


Color is one of the most commonly used forms of contrast used in gardening….


Herbaceous Borders

August 19, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain



The herbaceous border also known as perennial borders can be a great decoration to fit those who are seeking to build a garden outside the conventional norm. They are designed to give your garden a beautiful surrounding for years to come. Herbaceous borders are made up of herbaceous plants that are lined up on the outer edges of a garden for a aesthetic and long lasting appeal. Herbaceous plants are perennials and last for more than two years. They survive but lay dormant during the winter and grow back once the spring hits. They usually have a soft and non-woody stem.

There are several herbaceous plants available that can enhance the growth around your garden, but can also create an appealing border. When you want to start planting your herbaceous border it is best to plant them during the fall….


Pallet Garden

August 14, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain


Pallet With Flowers


If you’re looking for a different type of garden design that give your flowers a unique and diverse look then pallet gardening may be for you. This type of planting involves a wooden pallet, some soil and bulbs or seeds. The pallet is filled with soil and in between each opening, flowers can be planted. This technique is unique and saves a lot of space. It is great for those who wish to garden but do not have their own space to do so. It is also cheaper than building a raised bed garden.

First, you will want to find the right pallet before you begin the process. These can be easily found for free behind supermarkets and other places where shipping pallets are used. Make sure it is in great conditions still as you will need all the boards…


Gladiolus Bulbs

August 12, 2014 BY Bash Foo Development Team


Gladiola flowers

If you wish to plant summer-blooming bulbs that will complement the rest of your garden then gladiolus bulbs are a great starting place. These perennials have flowers that grow on tall spikes, which gives them the nickname of the sword lily. They usually grow to be about two to six feet in height, making them great flowers for the back of your garden.

There are over 250 species of this bulb, so you have a wide variety from which to choose. They also come in several different colors, such as orange, red, pink, yellow and white. These tall and beautiful bulbs can be planted anytime from March to June, but it may depend on  the USDA zone where you live. Typically, gladiolus bulbs are planted best in zones 6-10 and can take on a full amount of sun. These are perfect for enduring…


Clean Up Your Yard – Composting

August 7, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain


Wooden Compost Bin


We all know that yards can get messy and that cleaning them up can be a pain. It’s almost an inevitable part of being a homeowner. If there is a storm or bad weather the process of cleaning up can be even more challenging. But that doesn’t mean your waste has to go to waste. Cleaning up all the extra dirt, grass clipping, sticks and even trash can provide you with top-notch compost for your garden.

All it takes for your soil to be enriched is to mix all the excess debris and extra plant material together. There is no better way to manage your yard while protecting the environment by recycling the organic and sometimes inorganic waste into your garden. It’s better than burning the waste in your backyard or dumping it into a landfill, especially since there have…




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