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Container Bulbs

April 22, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Three Hyacinth In Basket And Garden Tools

As April and warmer weather quickly approaches many will see their spring bulbs that were planted in the fall start to bloom. But some may have missed the opportunity to plant flowers last fall and will have a barren garden for the spring. However, all hope is not lost. It is still possible for you to have your spring flowers even though you did not plant any during the appropriate season. Bulbs are great for any garden because they can be planted in several different conditions. Your spring bulbs can be planted in containers without much hassle and will be ready to bloom around the same time as fall-planted bulbs.

One of the most common type of containers that bulbs are planted in are pots. For the best results, each gardener should use…


Harvesting Seeds

April 17, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

old wooden typesetter box with 16 samples of assorted legumes: g

Gardening is great because it produces new life and adds to the beauty of nature. But just like everything in this world, the plants you have given life to will eventually die. This isn’t the end of new life from that plant though. The seeds can be harvested so that new plants can grow in their place. Although it may not always work the best, compared to replanting new bulbs, it is still an inexpensive and efficient way to garden.

The best time to start harvesting the seeds is when the plant has died and dried out. This can be done two ways. The first is by bringing the plant inside and not providing it with any care, to speed up the process. The second is by leaving it…


Fragrant Flowers

April 15, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Field With Blue Flowering Hyacinth Bulbs

We’ve all seen it. A person picks up a bouquet of flowers and presses their nose into the petals and takes in the fragrant smell given off. Most people just expect flowers to smell good. But as most gardeners know this isn’t always the case. There are many type of bulbs and perennials that don’t give off that great of a smell.

Often times when shaping a garden many focus on the aesthetic beauty and the benefits the plants will have on nature. Not as much time is spent on the smell of the plants. Most flowers will give off a scent but all aren’t strong enough to carry that sweet smell across your lawn. Here are a few choices of bulbs that have a fragrance which can positively affect your garden.


Actaea is a…


Soil Testing

April 10, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Landing Sprouted Bulbs Of Gladioluses

Mid to late March is the time for most gardeners to begin final preparations before they start gardening in April. One of the key preparations for this is soil testing. Soil testing is when many elements are removed from the soil and tested to measure the nutrients, contamination, pH level and acidity. Some of the key elements in soil are potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus.  The goal of this process is to see how ready the soil is for planting and how much fertilizer is needed for proper growth of your plants. If you add too much or too little fertilizer then it could prevent some of the elements within the soil to reach the plants, causing them to decay or grow improperly.

Soil testing isn’t too difficult of a process. First you must collect…


Midwest Native Plants

April 8, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Cyclamen, Gentle Purple Flowers

Most of the cold weather left from winter seems to be behind us and gardening season is about to kick into full gear. And if you’re like most gardeners you will be wanting to expand your garden with new plants. Native plants are usually the best perennials to invest your time in. If you live in the Midwest region of the United States, knowing the native plants can be important in preserving your garden for the long haul. The importance of native plants, however, is bigger than having the right environment for them to survive through an extended period of time. It is important because many native plants are disappearing and home gardens are one the few places that can fix that. Here are some of the more popular native plants of the…




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