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Creative Containers

May 6, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Three Hyacinth In Basket And Garden Tools

Placing your bulbs in containers can be a great way to keep your garden organized. However, you shouldn’t limit your choices of containers to just pots or even hanging baskets. There are so many more containers that give your garden a little more spunk. Each container should have the appropriate length, width and depth for each specific type of bulb you wish to plant. As long as they can hold up in various types of weather, especially heavy rain, they will be suitable for your gardening experience. Below are just a few examples of creative containers you can place your plants in to give your garden more life.

One of the most interesting ideas for a gardening container is a cooler. This gives you plenty of space, typically more than pots, to plant…


Community Gardening

May 1, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Bronze metal watering can in flower garden.  Shallow dof with fo

One of the best parts of gardening is that it isn’t always limited by season, financial means or location. It works great for pretty much anyone among a vast variety of circumstances. Occasionally there are people stuck in a circumstance where gardening on their own just isn’t a possibility. There is still opportunity for them to get their gardening fix. Community gardens are single gardens that are taken care of by a community of people. They help gardeners find places to do their gardening as well as assist them in becoming better at it.

One of the major benefits of community gardening is that it can provide the opportunity for someone to be able to garden when their options are limited. An example of this would be a…


Urban Gardening

April 29, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Community vegetable garden boxes.

The words urban and gardening don’t typically seem like they belong together. However, when you actually combine the two it produces a wonderful creation; sometimes in an unlikely area. Those who live in the city and love to garden are faced with more problems than the average gardener living in a rural or suburban area. It can be troublesome to find a good space to start your garden, but it can also be hard to maintain it once it has been built. Urban gardening, though challenging, can provide as much beauty to the city as it can to rural areas.

When gardening in urban areas one of the toughest challenges is finding an optimal place to garden. In the city there seems to be more concrete available than grass, which limits your garden space significantly. This…


Planting Hanging Baskets

April 29, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

hanging basket on wall

Hanging baskets provide space to a garden when you think there is no room left for growth and they can display your plants in a new and aesthetically pleasing way. These baskets simply hang from a hook that is attached to wood, such as trees, or posts that are near or around a building. Hanging baskets also offers you the opportunity to hang your plants in any spot you would like. This gives you a chance for more freedom in your garden to showcase your best plants.

When choosing your basket, size is the most important feature. The plants that last the longest and have the larger roots will need the largest baskets. Each basket should be the appropriate size for each plant to successfully establish their roots. Some plants’ roots may be too big for…


Creating Your Own Compost

April 24, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Wooden Compost Bin

Gardening can sometimes prove to be costly. It always seems like each new season there is something you need that you didn’t last time. There is also the cost of repairing old equipment with something new or even buying new flowers to revamp your garden. Either way, the cost of gardening can sometimes take away from the fun of it. Each gardener wants to find cheap yet still effective ways to garden. One of the best ways to cheapen the cost of gardening while managing to not cheapen the quality is by recycling food scraps and other material for compost.

The process of home composting isn’t tough, but it is for committed gardeners who look to keep their garden in good condition long term. Pretty much anything that was once living can be composted, but for home…




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