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Blanket Flower

September 16, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Sun Perennials   Fanfare Blanket Flower


Finding the perfect summer flower for your garden can be hard, especially for those living in dry climates. The blanket flower may be your best option as it has a long blooming season and is very tolerant of both drought and heat. They can bloom from early summer to early fall and their red, gold, brown and orange colors will pop out in your garden for an aesthetically pleasing look.

These beautiful flowers can grow from zones 3-8 and are considered perennials. They do not last more than a couple of years, but their long-blooming season makes them worth the while. Blanket flowers can grow in both full sun and partial shade, so as long as they get some sort of interaction with the sun they will survive.

Their pedals are about three inches…


Rare Bulbs: Crocus

September 11, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain



The Crocus is a special type of bulb. It can grow in almost any type of climate but many of its species hard to find. They provide so much beauty in you garden when life seems to be bland or even non-existent. The beauty of the crocus can be a great addition for any garden. They vary in color but primarily come in yellow, white and purple tones.

The most unique facet about these plants is they can bloom anywhere from late autumn into the spring. Yes, that means the winter as well. Anywhere between USDA hardiness zones 3-8 are good conditions for these bulbs to flourish in. Crocus corms will need to be planted about 6-8 weeks before the first frost hits. Once soil temperatures dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit the bulbs are ready to be planted.

These bulbs can burst through…


Bulbs Under Trees

September 9, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain



Landing Sprouted Bulbs Of Gladioluses


Planting bulbs can create one of the most beautiful scenes in your own yard. These plants are also versatile and can be planted in many different locations because of the nutrients held within their bulb. Their beauty can be most evident when placed in the right location. The process of naturalizing bulbs or planting a group of them in a centralized locations around other plants, can reveal their beauty in a new light. Placing bulbs around trees has become a popular means of naturalizing these plants.

Planting bulbs under deciduous trees is one of the best options for naturalizing these beautiful plants. In order for this process to be done correctly the trees must be deciduous meaning their leaves are shed each fall and grow back in the spring. The plants also have to be spring-blooming…



September 4, 2014 BY Bash Foo Development Team

Purple Cornflower


If you’re looking for a flower that is long lasting but will continue blooming year after year then the Coneflower is the way to go. This plant will maintain the beauty in your garden better than before.

They grow best when planted in the spring so that they can bloom in the summer and fall. They can also be planted in the fall in time to bloom in the spring, but it is not recommend unless you live in a warmer climate. Coneflowers have long lives and will bloom for a long time if taken care of properly.

Coneflowers can be grown in any zone between 3-9 and are native to North America. They mostly grow in white, purple, pink and red. So these perennials are bursting with color throughout the summer and fall. Coneflowers grow to be about 2…


Conserving Soil

September 2, 2014 BY Gabriel Bain

Handful Of Soil And Flower Buds


Soil is such an integral part of plant life and many varieties of food. It’s importance is hard to overstate and because of this we should be conserving as much healthy topsoil as possible. The best part about conserving soil is that it all begins in your backyard. Each person can make a difference by taking a few steps in the right direction to preserving good topsoil and promoting healthy plant life.

In order to conserve the fertility of soil and protect this natural resource from eroding proper precautions must be taken. One of the best ways to fight against soil erosion is by planting trees. Over time the roots of trees dig deeper and deeper into the ground, grasping onto the soil. The roots also bring the nutrients of the soil to the surface, making it…




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