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Spring Bulb Planting

March 18, 2014 BY Bash Foo Development Team

Landing Sprouted Bulbs Of Gladioluses


3 bulbs that can be planted in the spring

Whether you’re new to gardening or have been gardening for years, you are always looking for the best time to plant your beautiful bulbs. March is usually the time where most gardeners are keeping up with their perennials and bulbs that they planted in the fall. But if you’re looking for something appealing to bloom in your garden for the summer months ahead or haven’t planted any bulbs in the fall, then summer-blooming bulbs will provide your garden that extravagant look you’re seeking for. Here are three bulbs that can be planted during the spring, once the last frost has occurred.


Dahlia bulbs or tubers are beautiful and come in several different types. The size of Dahlias range from a few inches to five feet tall, which are called “Dinnerplates.”  So with the variety of sizes there are Dahlias for every gardener’s taste. These alluring plants are inexpensive and will bloom throughout the summer and parts of the fall. These flowers are mostly meant for summer booming, so if you want to preserve them, they must be dug up when frost begins to occur in mid fall.


These colorful bulbs are great for any garden. They are simple to grow and take up barely any space, allowing for growth in several different locations. Planting these bulbs consistently in the spring will leave your garden blooming with colors every week. These plants can grow up to six feet in height which makes them great for creating a bouquet. It takes roughly 90 days for these plants to establish their roots and bloom, so make sure you are watering appropriately to keep the soil moist.


Lilies are easy to grow and take up little space. They can be placed anywhere in your garden and watch as they grow in between other plants to their beautiful blooming state. They can be grown anywhere between zones 4-8, so the colder climates don’t mix well with these bulbs. The special part about these plants is that they not only bloom in the summer and fall, but can also bloom in the spring. So if you want to plant the seeds in the fall you could have beautiful bulbs blooming for three straight seasons.

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